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Let us get right to the point, New York is in the middle of the pack. Out of the 48 states examined, New York, ranks as the 28th most pet-friendly state in the United States. While it doesn't have us ranked at the bottom of the pack, we certainly could and should be higher on this list.


Sometimes it may feel like if our pets could talk, they could also let us know how to fix certain problems. One of those very well could be how to become more friendly to our four-legged pals.

How Did We Rank 28th?


Safewise took a lot of information on the matter and then compared 48 of the 50 United States. Their intention was to show pet owners which state was the best to live in. Here are the factors they looked at.

  • Pet population
  • Pets-left-in-car laws
  • Veterinary reporting requirement law s
  • Tether laws
  • Anti-cruelty and sexual assault laws
  • Animal fighting paraphernalia laws

It isn't as if we do horribly in any of the categories above, we just don't do good enough in a single one of them. According to their finding, only 28% of rentals in New York State are actually pet friendly. That was another aspect that played a huge role in their findings.

New York Is Trying

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This is evident in the past few years. Laws have been passed that greatly hurt puppy mills in New York. Other mandates have been put into effect stopping landlords and insurers from being able to specify which dog breeds are tolerable. These among other things are certainly positives.

The simple fact is, we rank 28th. To be honest, New York really could be so much better.

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