Are you considering nursing as a career? Sure, helping people is great, but maybe you're curious about just how lucrative it really is? Well, it appears that the average salary for registered nurses varies significantly from state to state.

The website did a deep dive on this very subject:

We pulled the most recent U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data to rank all 50 states, Wahington D.C., and Puerto Rico registered nurse salaries to see where you can make the most as an RN.


As it turns out, New York isn't a bad place to be in terms of how much money you can make as an RN. We ranked #7 out of all 50 states, plus Washington, DC and Puerto Rico:

#7: New York
Average RN Salary: $100,130
Average Hourly: $48.14
Number of RNs in New York: 190,470


Of course, what part of New York you live in could be a big factor here. An RN in Utica is probably going to make less than an RN in New York City. So if you're an RN who's suddenly flustered and confused as to why you're not making six figures, understand that the weight of New York City may be bloating that figure just a bit.

Still, becoming a registered nurse can be an attractive career choice for people looking for fulfilling work, job stability, and a chance to positively impact lives.

To see how every state ranks for RN salaries, click here.

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