House of Paws Rescue is making a major impact by saving dogs just moments before being killed.

House of Paws Rescue is a nonprofit organization located at 910 Kellogg Avenue in Utica, owned and operated by Jennifer Elizabeth. She started taking in animals at her duplex, and within 2 years, the demand was so high that she had to purchase a building. Jennifer tells us:

A lady from FL reached out to us as she is a last resort rescue. She pulls dogs from kill shelters all over FL and TX. When she saves the dogs she than places them in rescues that can adopt them out.

House of Paws Rescue does not take owner surrenders at this time but does help lost dogs and dogs that will be euthanized due to overpopulated shelters. When asked if New York State in a no-kill state, she told us:

New York is a kill state...I just learned that even a no-kill shelter will kill, it’s just there number is very low...It’s horrible and shouldn't be allowed at all

Are you inspired to help House of Paws Rescue? Send them a DM via FB, call 315-982-9016, email, find them on Amazon with a wishlist (for food and supplies), or make a financial donation for vet bills at 910 Kellogg Avenue in Utica.

Here are some of the rescued dogs that are up for adoption and others are living happily with loving families in Central New York. When you're looking to adopt a pet, we hope you'll consider the House of Paws Rescue.

House Of Paws Rescue

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