Believe it or not, there are new laws that are proposed and either passed or never get off the ground in the State of New York. There are many obstacles that a potential new law needs to get through in order to be signed into law.

Most people know the common laws but did you realize how many strange laws there are in the State of New York.

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What's the most interesting is that here in the United States, every state varies as well as each individual county or city. What's illegal in one place, might not be in another place. Every state has their own set of laws.

Many laws that are on the books were written a very long time ago, when it was a drastically different era. Some of them have us scratching our head, and some of them will never even get broken because of how crazy and specific they are.

Others, however are minor laws that we break every day; like jaywalking. It's one of those things that people break on a daily basis and we have never seen anyone written up for it.

Although there are two apparent laws in New York State that quite a number of people break, likely on a daily basis.

These are two laws in the State of New York and according to Only in Your State, they're on the books.

Two Hidden Laws in New York State

Two shocking laws that are somehow on the books in New York State.

15 Dumbest Laws In New York State

How are these even laws in New York?

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