With so many choices, we took a poll to find out which restaurant has the best Chinese food in Utica and Rome. Here are the results.

If you think people are passionate about politics and sports, you haven't asked them about their favorite place to get Chinese food. A simple question posed on Facebook, "Who has the best Chinese food?" garnered nearly 100 responses and sparked some heated debates.

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In the end, there was a clear winner among voters, with one restaurant taking in nearly 50% of all the votes cast.

These Are The Best Chinese Food Restaurants in the Utica-Rome Area

8. Sunny, 530 Albany Street, Utica (Their Pad Thai is AMAZING.)

1. Peking Tokyo, 3 Henderson Street, New York Mills - This place won your vote by a WIDE margin - like, REALLY WIDE.

Of course, everyone has their favorite Chinese dish - personally, I have a few favorites: chicken and broccoli, and egg rolls - and I need to have those dunked in duck sauce. What's your 'must order' dish?

Don't feel like ordering in? You can make your own chicken and broccoli with this recipe.


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