Hannaford Supermarkets in Rome, Utica, New Hartford, and Clinton have issued a recall for all Portland Pie cheese and Portland Pie fresh dough sold in the deli department.

The Utica OD reports this recall is following what is believed to be malicious tampering involving metal objects inserted into the product, the supermarket said Sunday in a statement.

The recall originally started with a single store in Saco, Maine, but was expanded to all Hannaford stores, the company said.

How do you know you're product is infected? The store said customers who purchased Portland Pie pizza dough and Portland Pie cheese sold in the deli at any Hannaford store between August 1st 2020 and October 11th 2020 should not eat the products. The store also says that you may return it to the store for a full refund.

No injuries or illnesses have been reported in connection with the recall.

The Saco Police Department in Maine have identified the person involved in the tampering with pizza dough as Nicholas R Mitchell. NewsCenterMaine reports that the Saco Police located and arrested Mitchell Sunday night.

On Tuesday, October 6, the Saco Hannaford Supermarket notified the Saco Police Department of a suspected incident of tampering with food items. A customer had purchased a Portland Pie Pizza dough and located razor blades inside the dough. "

According to a review of store security surveillance footage, Mitchell tampered with the packaging of several Portland Pie Pizza doughs. Mitchell is a former associate of “It’ll be Pizza company” who manufactures products for Portland Pie.

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