Here in Upstate New York, it can get pretty cold for hairless cats in the winter. You gotta scrape ice out of their flesh folds, it's a big to-do. Not their favorite.


I probably get 10-15 messages an hour from hairless cat owners asking me, "Will, how do I keep my hairless cat warm during winter, but also keep them looking sexy?" Ask any mad scientist, looks are everything to hairless cats. That's why we found 5 of the best winter outfits for hairless cats that are both fashionable and warm:

1.) "THE DUDE" SWEATER / Universal Pictures / Universal Pictures

Jeff Bridges' iconic sweater from the Big Lebowski also comes in dog form... which means it also comes in cat form. Get yourself a small and your hairless cat will love it!

2.) FREDDY KRUEGER SWEATER / Warner Bros. Pictures / Warner Bros. Pictures





Your hairless cat will love scaring the s*** out of people in this Freddy Krueger sweater! DON'T FALL ASLEEP! (Your cat will just walk on you anyway.)

3.) DINOSAUR SHIRT / Canva / Canva


Jur-ass would be crazy not to buy this Jurassic Park-inspired dinosaur shirt! It's feeding time!

4.) ELIZABETH TAYLOR FUR COAT / Getty Images / Getty Images

Every hairless cat can be a debutante in this Elizabeth Taylor-inspired fur coat! (A hairless cat in a fur coat... there's a joke in there somewhere, you find it.)

5.) TOP GUN BOMBER JACKET / Paramount Pictures / Paramount Pictures


Your hairless cat can look like a closeted Hollywood actor in this Maverick-inspired bomber jacket! Don't be ashamed of who you really are!

And there you have it! Five fashionable and warm winter outfits for your hairless cat! What do YOU dress yours in?!


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