You shouldn't miss this show by the hair of your chinny chin chin.

Punk rock comedy act Green Jellÿ will be invading Central New York as part of the 30th anniversary of their biggest hit, "Three Little Pigs." They will be performing their "Punk Rock Puppet Show" to the Oneida Kallet Civic Center in Oneida on Friday, September 8th. The show starts at 7:30 p.m. with opening acts Crazy Neighbours and Symmetrical Defiance.

Green Jellÿ (sometimes called "Green Jellö" or "Green Jelly") is a comedic rock/metal/punk band originally from Buffalo, best known for their bombastic live performances, outrageous costumes, and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. They gained popularity in the early 1990s with the single "Three Little Pigs," whose accompanying claymation music video received regular rotation on MTV. "Three Little Pigs" reached the top 30 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1993 and became their signature song.

Green Jello via Facebook
Green Jello via Facebook

Green Jellÿ's live shows are known for their theatrical props & costumes and audience participation. Things can (and often) get messy. Joey Ramone once called them "the worst band to ever open for The Ramones" in an interview with New York Rocker magazine. The band's own Facebook page has a photo album called "Green Jello Suxx".

Due to litigation from Kraft Foods, the band has had to alternate between "Green Jellÿ" and "Green Jellö" at different times.

Tickets start at $20 (plus fees) and can be purchased through Eventbrite.

Refresh yourself on the musical stylings of Green Jellÿ with the official music video for "Three Little Pigs":

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