When you're looking for a great bar to hang out in, you're talkin' about a place where everybody knows your name, or a spot where you can meet someone special, a place with ambience or attitude, cool drinks and cool people, bars where you have vivid memories.

Sometimes the best bars are the ones that are no longer around. We were wondering about some of those long-lost spots, so we turned to Facebook and asked the question What Now-Closed Bar Do Yo Miss the Most? Here's the definitive list of Central New York haunts you wish would return:

  • Pour House West
  • Dineen's
  • Happy Days
  • South Side Pub
  • Electric Company
  • Brownies
  • The Dolphin
  • Shakers
  • Albie's
  • El Chico's
  • Baha's
  • Chuck's Place
  • Stinker's
  • Rascals
  • Leonard's
  • Scarlett's
  • Nothin' Fancy
  • West Leyden Hotel

If you have any great stories about great times at these bars, or have any other bars to nominate, send 'em in.

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