New Yorkers could still see an increase in taxes despite more than $12 billion in federal aid coming from the latest stimulus package.

“Tax increases are on the table, because you have damage to repair,” Cuomo told reporters in a press call Sunday, according to the New York Post.

The $1.9 trillion coronavirus stimulus plan, passed by the Senate Saturday, March 6th, earmarks $12.5 billion for the Empire State, with a little more than $6 billion going to New York City, nearly $4 billion heading to the state’s counties with $825 million for small cities, town and villages. The bill heads back to the House for final approval before heading to the President for his signature.

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Governor Cuomo warned New Yorkers in early December of 'dramatic tax increase' to cover the $15 billion gap created by COVID-19 if Washington didn't provide financial aid. Tax increases are still on the table for the latest budget despite the federal aid Washington will provide for New York. “It’s the difference between $12.5 billion and $15 billion, and don’t get me wrong, $12.5 billion is very, very helpful," said Cuomo. "But there is still going to be a discussion about taxes."

The question for lawmakers is how and where to spend the federal money. "It's going to be very important because this is not a sustainable level of spending, Cuomo said during a daily briefing. "This does not mean this is going to be an easy budget. It means it is now a possible budget, not an easy budget.

Lawmakers are expected to pass New York's budget by the end of March.

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