A woman in Richfield Springs is taking her displeasure with Governor Andrew Cuomo to the streets, holding signs in protest. You won't believe what one of those signs said.

Governor Cuomo has been under fire a lot lately. There have been investigations into the handling of nursing homes deaths during the height of the coronavirus pandemic and sexual harassment claims have plagued the office.

Accusations of inappropriate behavior led to an investigation that concluded Governor Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women. The Attorney General's office released a statement on Tuesday, saying Governor Cuomo engaged in unwanted groping, kissing, and hugging. Inappropriate comments were also made, creating a toxic work environment in the Executive Chamber.

A number of top Democrats are now calling on Cuomo to resign, including the top leader, President Joe Biden.

Voters aren't too happy either with Governor Cuomo either. One woman has been seen holding signs against the Governor in Richfield Springs - one calling Cuomo a Nazi.

Credit - Jess Blanchard
Credit - Jess Blanchard

"Shoutout to the random lady on Main Street in Richfield today with the Cuomo sign," said Tiffany Michelle Long. "It was me honking and giving the thumbs up."

Long wasn't honking alone. "I was beeping and giving thumbs up too," said Jess Bruce.

Not everyone agrees with what the woman is doing though. "Holding a sign accomplishes nothing," said Tom Cline. "There's nothing to gain."

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