The new temporary Fireworks Enforcement Detail will be used to prevent illegal fireworks from being brought to New York from Pennsylvania.

Due to the spike of illegal firework use throughout Central New York and all of New York State, Governor Cuomo has created the new Firework Enforcement Detail that will be up and running by July 3, 2020.

There have been widespread reports of illegal fireworks going off throughout the night leaving many people sleep-deprived and pets trembling in fear Governor Cuomo says:

 Fireworks are sounds like the wild west with all the fireworks going off. I've never heard it like this before. They're disturbing. They bother people. And they are dangerous. And children, people, get hurt every year. It is illegal. You can't do it. It is illegal. And the Police Department needs to enforce the law. But the State Police are going to start a fireworks enforcement detail. We're going to try to prevent the fireworks from coming into the state in the first place before they get distributed...

Cuomo says, "the primary supplier for New York State is the State of Pennsylvania. Not the state itself, but fireworks companies within the State of Pennsylvania." he says he will be helping local governments deal with this issue." Still, I need the local governments in this state to take it seriously."

The Utica Police Department is doing its best to respond to complaints but needs the help of the community::

Numerous people have been given appearance tickets for possessing and igniting fireworks. However, this isn't a problem that can be solved by the police alone. We need our communities to help as well. Have respect and consideration for your neighbors. Keep in mind that pets and veterans with PTSD that are traumatized by sounds of fireworks; people that can't sleep, that have to work in the morning and elderly persons with medical conditions. Think about the people in your community that are affected by these illegal actions. BE RESPECTFUL TO ALL!


Oneida County Sheriff Robert Maciol is reminding residents that ground-based or handheld sparkling devices are the only types of fireworks that are legal to use in Oneida County.

Richfield Springs, Canadarago Lake, Saratoga Lake, Speculator all have firework displays this weekend. The Macy's Fireworks Display on July 4 can be watched on NBC, broadcast live from East River in NYC from 8 p.m. - 10 p.m.

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