It's not a surprise that Google Maps is showing a glitch. This exact glitch is a little bit odd though. Especially around a bigger intersection.

So you can clearly see in the picture above the intersection in question is one many hate. Clinton and Oriskany Boulevard in Whitesboro. What makes the intersection so aggravating is how long the light will remain green on Oriskany Boulevard. Plus the traffic there is always a nightmare when you want to make a turn in any direction.

Back to the google flub of sorts. What is so odd is the fact that on one side of the intersection you have what looks to be a happy and cheerful hot summer day in Central New York. A day filled with angry drivers on Oriskany Boulevard, but a hot summer day nonetheless. Nonetheless, is really one word? Anyway! Then you move over on the other side of the intersection on the Utica side and you see a depressing winter day. A grey sky that just pulls your spirit down into a pit kind of day.

Clinton & Oriskany Boulevard In Whitesboro

All over on Google Maps, you'll see things or areas from different years. For instance, there could be a neighborhood in Whitesboro that still has the map view from 2015. To see such a drastic shift in the season feels a bit odd. Also, when on earth does Google do these map view shots? Have you ever seen one of their camera vehicles putzing around Central New York?

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