Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul was in Utica today to announce projects approved for the City’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative. One of the projects will include an ice rink at Liberty Bell Park.

Utica was awarded $10 million in DRI funding by the state in 2019 as a Round 4 winner.  The money was released this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


"Utica is on the rise with a renewed sense of energy and optimism as we focus on our economic recovery," said Hochul. "Our Downtown Revitalization Initiative projects will further create economic opportunity and transform the Utica community by making renovations to historic buildings, creating vibrant public spaces and providing critical support for local small businesses."

It will fund a total of 16 revitalization projects in the City.

  • Restore the Kempf Block into Mixed-used Redevelopment - $750,000
  • Establish a Business Assistance Fund - $750,000
  • Construct Mixed-use Artspace Utica: Affordable Live/Work Artist Housing - $650,000
  • Rehabilitate Veterans' Fitness and Wellness Center - $650,000
  • Create an Employment Center to Prepare and Attract a Diverse Workforce - $624,000
  • Renovate Macartovin Commercial Space to Attract Businesses to the City's Commercial Corridor - $600,000
  • Redevelop Oneida National Bank Building to Establish Mohawk Valley's Commercial Kitchen/Food Incubator - $400,000
  • Rehabilitate New Century Club into Modern Commercial Space - $375,000
  • Upgrade the Stanley Theater - $340,250
  • Repair Washington Street Garage to Expand Parking Downtown - $2,000,000
  • Create Munson-Williams Park at Munson-Williams Proctor Arts Institute -$819,500
  • Expand Public Art to Create a Vibrant Arts-themed Corridor - $750,000:
  • Adaptive Reuse of DeSales Center for Inclusive Community Services - $500,000
  •  Activate Liberty Bell Park - $278,350
  •  Bestowing Roots and Wings: Improving Outdoor Community Space at the Carol L. Crooms Cultural Activities Center - $111,000
  •  Rehabilitate the Utica Public Library Genesee Street Corridor - $101,900

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