You're killing me, Smalls.

Central New Yorkers can experience a nostalgic blast from the past as two stars from the classic '90s baseball comedy The Sandlot will reunite for a special autograph signing this weekend.

Patrick Renna, who played the portly, trash-talking catcher, Ham, along with Chauncey Leopardi, who played the bespectacled, kiss-stealing Squints, will be appearing at Seventh Inning Stretch in Cooperstown on Saturday, July 22nd from 1-3pm. The event is being co-sponsored by Gentleman's Corner Barber Shop.

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Patrick Renna (Getty Images)

Meet-and-greet packages start at $45 and can be purchased at this link. 

The appearance of the two Sandlot stars will run concurrently with the usual fanfare associated with Hall of Fame weekend, so Cooperstown is sure to be busy that day.


20th Century Fox Home Entertainment / 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment / 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

The Sandlot was released in 1993 and immediately became not only one of the best baseball movies of all time, but one of the best coming-of-age stories as well. Roger Ebert called it a "summertime version of A Christmas Story."

Upon release, The Sandlot managed to make its target audience feel nostalgic for a time they weren't even alive for. The movie was extremely effective in capturing the essence of childhood, friendship and the camaraderie of youth sports. The strength of its story and characters has made it a cherished classic that continues to win new generations of fans.

You can check out the promotional video for the event below:



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