Are you a fan of seafood? In New Hartford you'll have another option soon with Fresco Fish.

Fresco Fish is scheduled to open soon in New Hartford. They are located in the New Hartford Shopping Center.

Fresco is passionate about sourcing and selling you the best seafood available that surpasses the standards for the market. We offer hand-prepared, fresh seafood recipes that are inspired by the sea."

According to their Facebook page, they will be open Monday through Saturday 10AM - 8PM. It appears they will be closed on Sundays once open.

At the time of this publishing, it appears they are currently in the process of painting and decorating the restaurant. No word when they will be open for business.

Here's a look at their upcoming menu:

Fresco Fish
Fresco Fish


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Bannock's Restaurant and Catering opened on Seneca Turnpike in New Hartford. Brian Bdot Payton and Joseph Hill are the chefs behind the scenes who have been creating amazing food for decades. "We are so proud to finally have our own place and the ability to create and master our own visions."

Bannock's Restaurant serves up a variety of options for breakfast and dinner. "We are so excited to bring you some incredible food."

Bannock's Restaurant is open for breakfast from 6am-11am and dinner from 4pm-10pm. They are located at 8195 Seneca Turnpike in New Hartford. Check them out on Facebook.

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