The '4th Wall Comics and Collectibles', the comic book and memorabilia store in the New Hartford Shopping Center is closing their doors permanently.

The coronavirus pandemic has delivered a devastating blow to the retail industry, with stores big and small forced to shut their doors permanently in the wake of nationwide closures.

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The 4th Wall Comics and Collectibles in New Hartford says they'll be closing in August, with liquidation sales already beginning. "We regret to announce that due to the current situation we are all facing we will be closing our doors in August. We would like to thank our families friends and community for the support you’ve shown us over the past three years."

The store closing sale will run until August 12. The store will be open from 11am until 5pm, Monday through Sunday until further notice.

This isn't the only store closure to hit the New Hartford Shopping Center - 'Tuesday Morning' has also started a store closing sale. The Tuesday Morning parent company filed bankruptcy several weeks ago.


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