There's an abandoned cemetery in New York some say is so haunted that once you enter you can never leave.

Forest Park Cemetery is located in Brunswick, New York, and is said to have begun in 1856. It was first incorporated in 1897 after a group of businessmen bought the property with plans to turn it into a park-like experience with winding trails, and a large receiving tomb near the entrance.

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Receiving Tomb

Unfortunately, the plans were never finished since the company went bankrupt in 1914.  The only thing that was built was the receiving tomb, which is still there today.

The cemetery has changed hands over the years, even laying dormant over time.

Headless Woman

There are a number of famous urban legends surrounding the cemetery including the headless woman statue that is rumored to bleed from the neck.

The Brunswick Town Historian Sharon Zankel said the so-called blood on the statue is "due to a moss that turns red when it's rubbed on a humid day."

Gateway to Hell

Life magazine named Forest Park Cemetery among the "Top Ten Most Haunted Places in the Country," while others have called it the Gateway to Hell.

Those who do venture into the overgrown burial ground report feeling a cold chill running down their spines as they encounter unexplained cold spots all over the area.

Open One Day Only

The cemetery is usually closed to the public, but it will open for one day only on Saturday, October 22, 2022, at 1:00 PM. There is no charge for the walking tour, however, a donation to the Brunswick Historical Society Forest Park restoration will be appreciated. And you must pre-register online first.

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