Officials with the Oneida City School District are working with the New York State Police to investigate a situation where students became ill on Friday at the Otto Shortell Middle School in Wampsville. The reason? Food was allegedly passed out amongst the kids that was laced with marijuana.

A letter sent to parents by the superintendent said that a student brought the food to school and shared it with others. After multiple children had reported feeling sick after eating, emergency medical professionals came to the school to test the food. After performing the necessary tests, marijuana was detected.

The superintendent says all of the affected students are in stable condition, and that the district is currently "unaware" if the students knew that what they were eating was laced with the marijuana.

The superintendent says it will "be addressed in accordance with the code of conduct, if warranted."

Dear Oneida City Schools Community,
This morning, a Shelter in Place was called at Otto Shortell Middle School while emergency medical professionals responded to the school to address the health needs of several students. The students were reported to have ingested food that contained a controlled substance. The food was brought to the school by a student and shared with other students. After students reported adverse effects, the food was tested and the presence of marijuana was detected. It is our understanding the students are currently in stable condition. The district, with the cooperation of local law enforcement, is investigating the incident . Please be advised the health and safety of our students is the district’s paramount concern. The district will address this incident in accordance with the district’s code of conduct if warranted.
Matthew Carpenter
Superintendent of Schools
Oneida City School District
565 Sayles Street
Oneida, NY 13421

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