In anticipation of marijuana being legal to grow in New York state, there are proposals popping up all over our area. The latest is a warehouse in Washington County that would be used as a growing and processing facility for recreational marijuana production.

The town of White Creek which is situated between Cambridge and Hoosick Falls has an empty warehouse facility that could be put to use for cannabis production. It's the old Morcon Tissue facility that is located at 879 Route 22. A businessman from Oregon named Tom Lorito already runs a 10,000 square foot cannabis warehouse there and this would be his second location. He says the Morcon factory is perfect for the venture. It has space for the new proposed plan that would have a 14,000 square foot area for growing and 6,000 square feet for processing according to News 10 ABC.

White Creek Supervisor James Griffith will put it to a public vote and is hoping they approve. He calls it an "expansion of agriculture and agritourism". The impact on the small town could make it easier for area students to enter the workforce or trades after high school graduation. The supervisor is also hoping to work closely with the horticulture programs at the WSWHE BOCES to help educate.

If approved, there would be a minimum of twenty-five jobs open with a base pay of thirty-five thousand dollars per year. The jobs would be for growing the marijuana flower and extracting oils that would be sold to companies for other forms of edibles for recreational use.

This facility's products would have to be sold to only New York licensed sellers within the state. This is part of state law that was established when recreational marijuana was legalized back in the spring.

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