Health officials are worried about a "widespread" flu that killed three New York children in the past few days.

The latest New York State Department of Health flu report categorized the Influenza activity level as "geographically widespread."

Flu Cases Skyrocket Across New York State


This is the tenth straight week widespread activity has been reported this season, officials say.

Flu cases have increased by about 20 percent in the last week across New York State, according to the New York State Department of Health.

The number of patients hospitalized with laboratory-confirmed influenza was 2,707, a 6 percent increase over last week.

All 62 counties in New York State reported new cases of the flu this week.

4 Pediatric Deaths Reported In New York State

Father wiping daughter's nose with handkerchief

There were 3 influenza-associated pediatric deaths reported in the past week, according to health officials.

In total, there have been 4 influenza-associated pediatric deaths reported this flu season.

Influenza-associated deaths in New Yorkers 18 and older were not reported.

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New York Officials Recommend Flu Shot Before Holidays

Swine Flu Vaccine Testing Begins In Iowa
Getty Images

New York health officials continue to urge Empire State residents to get a free flu shot before gathering for the upcoming holidays.

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