The Boilermaker Road Race is just five days away and this is my first time experiencing the excitement. I'm not much of a long-distance runner, but you'll catch me cheering on runners and memorizing these facts, provided by the Boilermaker Road Race, come Sunday morning.

1. The Boilermaker is a BIG deal. This year's runners are travelling from all over, including 45 states, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico. 219 runners are coming from out of the United States.

2. Stay hydrated! Over 15,000 gallons of water will be consumed on Boilermaker Sunday.

3. Some people find another *age-restricted* way to stay hydrated. The number of kegs of beer consumed at the Boilermaker has grown exponentially over the years. Compared to just 34 kegs in 1980, 315 kegs of beer were consumed in 2015.

4. Boilermaker racers span across generations. This year's oldest 15K runner is 84-year-old Dillon Maier and this year's youngest 15K runner is 9-year-old Wyatt Patterson.

5. You shouldn't have an issue finding a place to go throughout the morning! There will be 340 Porta Johns placed throughout the course.

With those fun facts under our belts, we're now well-equipped to enjoy the Boilermaker. Happy running (or if you're like me, happy cheering)!

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