UPDATE 7/14 10:05am: According to Lt. Brian Coromato, the Utica Police Department Public Information officer, the UPD were involved in an "Attempt to Locate" call before 8 A.M.

That call led officers to a location on Poe Street in Utica, off Culver Avenue. There, officers discovered a deceased woman, and a man with "significant injuries." The man was transported to St. Elizabeth Medical Center where he is listed in critical condition.

Police are still attempting to identify the individuals. There are no further details available at this time.

We will update the story as more information becomes available.

The start of the Boilermaker Road Race was delayed by a homicide in Utica.

WIBX confirms that the Utica Police Department confirms that a homicide happened on Poe Street, off Culver Avenue.

The first two miles of the Boilermaker are run on Culver Avenue.

According to the Utica Police Department, one woman was pronounced dead, and a man was rushed to the hospital in a "possible domestic incident." The man did have significant cuts and lacerations, according to police.

The incident was not related to the Boilermaker Road Race.

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