The Millar family loves running. And it sure looks like there’s a good chance that will continue.

Brothers Ryan and Bryce Millar (pronounced mil-LAR) are both accomplished runners, with impressive Boilermaker results. Their girlfriends are also top runners with great finishes in the Utica road race. And now, they’re all going to be related, thanks to an eventful July 4th weekend. A lot has happened since we wrote about these four in 2018. The two couples are now engaged. And the proposals occurred independent of each other, 764 miles apart.

Ryan (left picture above) proposed to Amanda Behnke July 4th in St. Louis and Bryce (right) popped the question to Brianna Johnson July 6th in Niagara Falls. The two Millars had NOT consulted each other about specifically coordinating their proposals.

Ryan has a top-25 Boilermaker finish to his credit, while his fiancée Amanda WON the 5k in 2018. Bryce is a star runner at Indiana University and HIS fiancée Brianna finished fourth in last year's 5k. Bryce and Brianna (below at Green Lakes) are running again this year.

Credit: Bruce Millar/TSM
Credit: Bruce Millar/TSM

The proud parents, Bruce and Monica of Chittenango, are also runners. Here's a link to Bruce's Facebook page, featuring more engagement photos.

According to Bruce, his kids are already talking about "how it would be neat if all the Millar kids THEY have could win their respective age groups at the Boilermaker."

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