Move over, croutons. There's a new crunch in town.

In a disturbing story that might leave you a little queasy, a woman has filed a lawsuit against a New York chain restaurant after she found an unexpected extra ingredient in her salad -- a piece of finger.

Allison Cozzi of Greenwich, Connecticut says she was dining at a Chopt restaurant in Mount Kisco, New York, when she experienced a severe case of salad shock.

According to the suit, the manager of the Mount Kisco restaurant was chopping arugula when an injury to their finger took place. The manager, seeking medical attention for their now incomplete hand, left the (unknowingly) contaminated arugula to be served to customers.


Cozzi now claims shock, panic attacks, migraines, cognitive impairment, nausea, dizziness and even neck and shoulder pain in the aftermath of her frightening finger feast. She is seeking unspecified monetary damages from the Chopt chain.

No word on if Chopt restaurants plan on adding human finger as a permanent menu item. A little extra protein never hurt, right?

Chopt Creative Salad Co. via Facebook
Chopt Creative Salad Co. via Facebook


Chopt Creative Salad Co is a popular fast-casual restaurant chain with over 70 locations across the eastern United States, known for its innovative and customizable salads.

There are roughly 20 Chopt locations in New York state, mostly downstate and the greater New York City region.


Surprisingly, there was another finger-related news story in New York state this week. During a heated Tuesday morning altercation in Syracuse, police reported that a man chomped off the tip of his neighbor's finger.

Try to keep your digits intact out there, folks.



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