Central New York businesses continue to adapt to our new world of social distancing and quarantine. Drive-in movies are making a comeback and zoos like the Wild Animal Park and the Animal Adventure Park have transitioned to drive-thru safaris for the time being. Now, a central New York brewhouse is adapting by holding drive-in sunset experiences, complete with a full menu of food and drinks for take-out and live music from local artists.

Heritage Hill Brewhouse in Pompey has a stunning view of the sunset, and these drive-in events has been a hit so far... so you may want to sign up fast! Last weekend's kickoff event sold out, and the events will continue every Friday and Saturday.

Entry is $5 per car, and the brewhouse will have a variety of food and drinks available for takeout, including a new smokehouse menu, non-alcoholic beverages, and craft beer, although the brewhouse does not recommend consuming alcohol at the drive-in events.

Sunset is around 8:30 p.m., so you'll want to get there between 6:30 and 8. Car service will end at sunset and the lots will close at 9. Playgrounds and animal pens will be closed, social distancing guidelines will be enforced, and a sanitizing station will be available. And although the area near the stage will be closed, you can listen to music from local artists from your car throughout the event. So far, Heritage Hill has announced the musical guests for the next three events, with Sydney Irving on May 29, Tom Nitti on May 30, and Just Joe on June 6.

The brewery's lots can hold 125 cars, and you'll want to reserve your spot in advance, either through email at info@heritagehillbrewery.com or by phone at 315-677-7060.

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