Get ready to party in Paris, NY, at a beautiful family-friendly venue where you can enjoy live music, have a picnic, and walk through the apple orchards while enjoying fabulous hard cider.

Harry's Barn, located at the Collins Homestead, 1724 Holman City Road, Paris, NY, recently received its New York State Farm Brewery License and their Federal Beer and Winery Permit and looked forward to a Labor Day Weekend grand opening.

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Harry's Barn is now back in the Collins family. Owners Cynthia Collins and Barbara Collins Griffin's Great Great Grandfather was an Irish immigrant from Galway who and came to America during the potato famine in 1849. He ultimately ended up finding work as a farmhand on the hops farm in Paris, NY and built many of the beautiful stone walls that encircle the farm to this day; a comforting reminder of Ireland.

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Sadly in 1956, the family lost the farm to taxes. Cynthia and Barbara were thrilled when they saw the old homestead was for sale. They purchased it in 2006 with the dream of restoring the farm to its original glory by harvesting the countless apple trees on the land, planting new crops & returning the property to being the gathering place it once was for locals to come and enjoy all it has to offer.

Fast forward to 2021, Harry and Nell’s granddaughters are now ready to realize all their hard work with the opening of the brewery at Harry’s Barn. Finally, they will invite the community to once again enjoy their homestead for years to come.

Barbara tells us plans for the brewery at Harry's Barn revolves around Barbara's husband and Brewmaster Richard Griffin.

His hard cider recipe is a delicious blend using a mixture of the 4 species of apples grown on the property. Along with his hard cider, Rich will be introducing “Griff’s Graff,” which is a hybrid apple-based beer. For those new to the term, “Graf” is a mixture of apple juice fermented with beer wort, a recipe that dates back to 7000 BC and gained attention in more recent years when author Stephen King refers to the drink in his Dark Tower series.

Along with the apple-based beverages, there will be traditional beers (lager, ale, IPA) on tap and Hard Seltzer offered in numerous flavors. Light fare will also be available.

Well-behaved dogs are welcome to accompany their humans at Harry’s. They can check out the Rin-Tin-Tinkle area by Harry’s hydrant and the Bow-Wow Bistro featuring goodies for all of Harry’s Hounds.

FUN FACT: When location scouts for Discovery+ were checking out the Oneida County area last summer, the beautiful grounds at the Collins Homestead caught their attention, and in August 2020, when NY reopened the state to media & film production, the producers of the crime show ‘True Convictions’ filmed an episode in and around Harry’s Barn. The episode titled Dead Wrong examined the 1987 murder of a horse groomer at Vernon Downs. Interviews with the local police chief & prosecutor in the case took place in the courtyard and on the deck of Harry’s Barn.

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