With only a few days until Christmas, one family who has run a pizza shop in the Syracuse area has lost their business to a fire.

The Mangano Family has run Bianchi's Pizza Pad for decades, 53 years to be exact. Now, their shop has been completely destroyed by a fire. There isn't an easy comeback here as the shop has been deemed a total loss. The family will have to start from scratch. With Christmas ever approaching, that is a heavy weight to bear on anybody's mind.

From what is known, the fire began at 8:06 pm on Monday night, December 20th. That fire began in a gas hood and a call was placed quickly. The crews of the fire department fought vigorously but could not save the shop.

We all know how hard the Mangano family has worked for 53 years not only to provide delicious Italian food at unbeatable prices, but to be active and generous members of our Village of Solvay and beyond. It is tragic that they should be faced with such hardship, right before Christmas, and now have to wait indefinitely to rebuild. Solvay cannot afford to lose this heritage restaurant and pride of our Main Street. - Theresa Whitley / Help Bianchi's Pizza Pad Rebuild GoFundMe


Credit - Theresa Wheatley via GoFundMe

Credit - Theresa Wheatley via GoFundMe

Bianchi's Pizza Pad is a beloved restaurant in the Solvay area and is one that would leave a massive hole in the community if it never returned. To deal with something of this magnitude right before Christmas is a horrendous thing to think about. One thing about us in Central New York is that we support one another, and we can help this business that had its doors open for over half a century.

One thing that might slip past in the mind of someone is the cost they still have even though the business cannot function. Those are bills that will add up quite quickly in the time it takes to rebuild the pizza shop from scratch.

If you'd like to help out the Mangano Family, visit the GoFundMe link. But, there is another way you can pitch in and help.

Their very own neighbor has a stocking set up in their business, Bosco's Village Pub. That stocking will be used to collect donations for Bianchi's as well.

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