David Lee Roth doesn't believe Van Halen will ever return, though he didn't give a reason why he feels that way.

The singer declared them to be "finished" while being interviewed on the Talkin' Rock With Meltdown podcast from Detroit's WRIF. He was asked about what happened to the Van Halen stadium tour that was in the planning stages for this past summer but never materialized.

"That's been canceled a number of times" he explained. "And I think Van Halen's finished and this [upcoming solo Las Vegas residency] is the next phase. I've inherited the band de facto — whatever that means. I think it means if you inherit it, carry this proudly. Van Halen isn't gonna be coming back in the fashion that you know. And that being said, Eddie's [Van Halen] got his own story to tell. Not mine to tell it."

A little more than two weeks ago, Roth cast doubt upon the future of the band with similar words. "I’m the face of Van Halen from this point on, most likely," he said. "I’m not sure what’s happening with Ed, but [he’s] probably not gonna answer the bell this time. It’s not my place to guess."

Roth refused to speculate on Eddie Van Halen's health, which has been a matter of speculation lately. “I hear all the same rumors that you do," he said. "It’s not my place to guess.”

The singer also gave a preview of his new band at a special show for invited guests this past weekend in Los Angeles, where they ran through some Van Halen classics.



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