Employees at a Mobile gas station discovered two credit card skimming devices installed on their gas pumps in Upstate NY this week. A skimmer is a device that secretly swipes credit and debit card information when bank customers slip their cards in a card reader at a point of sale like the gas pump.

Mercer's Mobile gas station at 21623 State Route 232, in Watertown discovered (2) credit card skimming devices on gas pumps 1 and 4 on March 25, 2018. Authorities were immediately contacted and said the skimmers appeared to have been installed sometime after Friday (03/23/18) afternoon.

NYS Troopers encourage individuals who used these pumps to purchase gasoline between these dates to check their credit/debit card statements and contact their credit/debit card company to cancel their card and request to be issued a new one.

If you discover a fraudulent charge on your credit/debit card that was made after your gasoline purchase, you should contact your financial institution to determine the extent of the fraud, and then contact the New York State Police at SP Watertown to file a complaint (315) 782-2112. Reference case number: 8149435.

You should always use caution when using a card reader at a point of sale, especially at fuel pumps. Credit cards are safer to use versus debit cards. Your debit card PIN is a necessary part of the crime, and the thieves steal it giving them access to your bank account. By using a credit card, fraudulent charges can be disputed without deductions from your bank account.

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