A Central New York diner CEO is setting the record straight after being accused of discriminating against people who suffer from mental health issues.

A social media post looking for employees at Crazy Ottos Empire Diner in Herkimer, New York quickly went viral for what some are claiming was mental health discrimination. The job description called for employees with "No drama. No snowflakes, no psych meds."

Scott Tranter, Crazy Otto CEO and President responded to several discrimination accusations, explaining that the no psych drug comment was meant as illegal mind-altering drugs, not the legal medication for any mental health issues.

Those of you who know me and my family/co-workers know that we do not have a problem with mental Illnesses, thus the first name CRAZY. We even have t-shirts that say “you don’t have to be crazy to work here we train you."

Crazy Otto doesn't use any frozen food. The old-fashioned diner actually slices their own meats and vegetables. "You cannot be loaded when you do these functions," shared Tranter.

After the job listing was posted Tranter said attacks on the diner started rolling in. He deleted the post and issued an apology for any miscommunication or misunderstanding.

Just so you know, probably half of my coworkers and half of my family suffer from mental illness and it is real, not fake news or fake outrage.

The original posting was shared on Reddit asking if it was legal before the apology went up. There are nearly 3,000 comments already.

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