A child sexual predator from Madison County was sentenced to more than 100-years in prison after his recent conviction on 11 felony charges.

Daniel Hatch, 41, who is from Oneida was sentenced to 120-years in prison for sexually abusing young children in his community, according to Oneida City Police. Because of sentencing restrictions and guidelines, Hatch is expected to see 40 years behind bars and another 40 years of post release supervision.

Oneida City Police took to social media on Monday, thanking all who were involved in the investigation and prosecution that brought Hatch to justice. His five known victims ranged in age between 11 and 17, according to reports, but authorities believe there were likely more victims.

Among Hatch's felony convictions are Predatory Sexual Assault, Criminal Sexual Act, Attempted Criminal Sexual Act, Sex Abuse. Police say their investigation of the 41-year-old began in January of 2019. As law enforcement examined the charges against him, they say more victims were found, officers wrote on Facebook:

We’d like to take this time to thank everyone who was involved in this investigation, to include the victims, families, attorneys, advocates, law enforcement, and court personnel. The culmination of this cooperative group effort led to a successful conclusion and we hope that the victims can now have some closure.

If Hatch does see freedom again, authorities say he'll need to register as a sex offender.

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