Think back to when you were a kid. There were very few things more treasured on a hot summer day than ice cream.

This summer has been particularly hot across New York State (and for the rest of the country for that matter), which means ice cream makers have benefitted from busy storefront and sales.

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The ice cream truck is one of the great American traditions that spans generations. The ice cream trucks that came through my neighborhood as a kid had tons of novelty ice cream bars, cones and other treats.

One of the most creative and beloved was the Choco Taco.

The Choco Taco is waffle cone wrapped in the shape of a taco shell. It’s filled with ice cream and the top part is covered in chocolate. It’s a magnificent treat.

Unfortunately, the Choco Taco is about to be no more.

Klondike has officially discontinued the Choco Taco after nearly 40 years.

The company said the decision was made in July after a spike in demand for other Klondike products, according to People.

The Choco Taco has been one of the most beloved ice cream treats but they are not as wifey available as other ice cream bars and cones. They are routinely one of the treats that people will say is their favorite to stand out amongst the choices of ice cream sandwiches and Drumsticks.

It even made an appearance with Taco Bell restaurants recently.

It’s a sad day for ice cream lovers everywhere. You will be missed, Choco Taco,

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