A car driving southbound on North Genesee Street careened into two parked cars outside of Willie's Bagels, causing a hellacious scene, but thankfully no serious injuries.

The incident happened at approximately 11:30am on Monday, February 6th. A woman swerved off the road to avoid a vehicle crossing into her lane. The woman reportedly hit several road signs and the retaining wall before obliterating two parked cars at Willie's Bagels. The woman's car wound up on its side, in what looked to be a very scary scene.

Scott Molampy, the owner of Geppetto Studios -- a Hollywood puppet and costume studio headquartered in Utica -- was grabbing a quick bite to eat Monday morning when the incident occurred. He shared a video of the scene on the Geppetto Studios Facebook page:

Molampy said he was not injured, but one of the hit cars came 4 inches from his hips. He admitted he was quite shaken up, but otherwise okay.

Geppetto Studios makes Hollywood-quality costumes & props for various entertainment projects. They have several high profile clients, including a longstanding relationship with late night talk shows. Back in March of 2022, one of their creations was featured on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Commenting on the incident, one Facebook user said "Whether it was an accident or not... hitting Willie's has to be a mandatory 5 year sentence... I can't live without Willie's Bagels."

The building itself was not hit in the accident.

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