Imagine looking out your back window and seeing some cute baby kittens using your property as a playground. That's what happened at a Richfield Springs residence recently, only the twist is that they weren't just any kittens... they were actually baby bobcats!

A Richfield Springs couple recently submitted video of the encounter to a local news outlet, where the kittens -- sometimes called cubs, in the case of bobcats -- were seen playing and even climbing trees in their yard. The couple said the kittens didn't appear very frightened by their presence.

Definitely something Central New Yorkers aren't used to seeing everyday!


Here's what the New York Department of Environmental Conservation says about the presence of bobcats in our state:

Based on surveys from the late 1970s, bobcats occupied 13,500 square miles (a little more than one-quarter) of New York. There were three population centers: (1) Adirondack, (2) Catskill, and (3) Taconic regions... Bobcats usually are not present where there are continuous human population centers; however, they can use patches of habitat if the patches are not completely isolated by urban development.

While Richfield Springs certainly isn't a booming metropolis, it's not exactly common to see bobcats in the area. Still, it's obviously not out of the realm of possibility, as the village is accented by several wooded areas, as well as being close to Canadarago Lake.


Bobcats can be distinguished from housecats by their oversized paws and black-tipped tails. If you think you see one, you're encouraged to fill out a Bobcat Observation Report on their website.

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