We would imagine wearing a bikini and climbing the mountains in the Adirondacks during the winter isn't a good idea. Here's even more proof to prove that.

GiGi Wu, who was known as the "Bikini Climber" for scaling mountains in a two-piece, has died. WLAP reports that Wu was taking part in a 25-day hike on Taiwan's Yushan Mountain when she fell down a ravine.

In the fall, the Taiwanese climber injured her leg and was unable to move. While emergency responders were aware of her condition and location, they weren't able to get to her quickly because of dangerous weather conditions. After 28 hours, they finally reached GiGi and airlifted her to a hospital, but she was pronounced dead. The cause of her death has not yet been revealed but is believed to be hypothermia."

While photos usually showed Wu in a bikini, she was an experienced hiker and wore proper climbing gear until it was time for her pictures to be taken. She was only 36 at the time of her death.



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