You gotta admit, the sign is pretty effective. Once you see it, it's hard to look away.

Anyone who's ever driven east from Utica along I-90 has probably seen the sign for Betty Beavers Fuel Stop outside of Canajoharie.

Betty Beaver's via Facebook
Betty Beaver's via Facebook

That's gotta be one of the more buxom rodents you're ever going to see, no? Not since Lola Bunny in the original Space Jam have I ever felt such... feelings. 

So what's the deal with this place, anyway?


According to their website, Betty Beavers first opened in 1975. Its slogan encourages you to "Get the fever! Fuel with the Beaver!" In addition to gas, they offer traditional convenience store fare, and truck drivers can even get their big rigs washed on the premises.

As far as their name, as the story goes, a couple truck drivers were chatting on their CB radio when they were passed in the opposite direction by an attractive female truck driver.

That sure ain't your average truck driver!

One of the male truckers said he actually knew the woman, whose name was Betty, and according to him, she was from Beaver, Pennsylvania. So her CB handle became Betty Beaver.

The story is a bit more convoluted than that, but you can read the whole thing on their official website if you're so inclined.

I just wanna know... how much plastic do you think they use for those... things... on the sign?

Betty Beavers has four locations in Upstate New York:

Betty Beavers • Fultonville
39 Riverside Drive
Fultonville, NY  12072
(518) 853-3763

Betty Beavers • Lewis 
234 Redmond Road
Lewis, NY  12950

Betty Beavers • Canajoharie
117 East Main Street
Canajoharie, NY  13317

Betty Beavers • Otego
224 County Highway 48
Otego, NY  13825

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