This is pretty "cool" news: A popular social media personality has bestowed the ultimate title of "America's Best Ice Cream" to a creamery right here in Upstate New York!

Cohen Thompson is a viral content creator with over 800,000 cumulative followers across various social media platforms. He and his college friends from Texas A&M decided to embark on a nationwide search for the best ice cream in the United States, hitting 48 states in 48 days.

After all that exhaustive searching and eating, it was a regional favorite in Penn Yan, New York that scooped up the title of "America's Best" -- The Spotted Duck Creamery.


Located in the Finger Lakes, Spotted Duck Creamery is known for its farm-to-table ingredients, including the rather unconventional choice to make its ice cream with duck eggs:

...enjoy your ice cream at the very spot where it is made. Meet our herd of hard-working Ancona ducks, who provide us with the eggs that set our frozen custard apart, and visit with the peacocks, chickens, guinea hens, and all of the other animals that call Spotted Duck home.

Sam Solomon, the owner of The Spotted Duck, accepted a challenge from Thompson to put his title on the line against the best ice cream in Hawaii, when Thompson eventually visits that state.


The Spotted Duck seems to be benefitting from the attention already. One Yelp review said, "I had to come when I saw it was rated New York's best ice cream."

In addition to eggs, The Spotted Duck incorporates a variety of locally-sourced ingredients into its ice cream and custard creations. Customers can also get ice cream flights if they can't decide on just one flavor. Check out The Spotted Duck on Facebook here. 

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