ALDI is looking to get into the beer game.

We all know those people who swear by ALDI -- after all, their prices on groceries are demonstrably lower compared to the competition. But New Yorkers wanting a cold brewski have always had to go elsewhere to buy it... until now.

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In the midst of a nationwide surge in alcohol purchases, ALDI aims to venture into beer sales and will begin the experiment in parts of Western New York. The German-owned supermarket chain has submitted 21 applications to the New York State Liquor Authority in August for the authorization to incorporate beer sales at its stores.

The filings were recently confirmed by ALDI division vice president Aaron Sumida:

Regarding beer sales, we're excited to share that we're tracking to begin rollout as early as this fall.

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According to their official website, the company currently has 127 stores scattered throughout New York state.  If the experiment proves successful in Western New York -- and it should, considering beer sales have steadily increased since the time of the pandemic -- it's safe to assume ALDI will seek the same authorization to sell beer in the rest of the state.

If you're already a fan of ALDI, this could certainly be a game changer. And for those who aren't yet sold on ALDI and some of its quirks, this could help bring those people around... (just make sure you bring a quarter for the shopping cart.)


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