Attention ladies: do you possess... an ample backside? Would Queen describe you as "making the rockin' world go 'round"? If so, and the idea of destroying your entire future sounds appealing, then you just might want to answer this post on a Utica subbredit:

XXX movie casting. Females 18+ looking for girls with big butts! Holding an audition. Next could [sic] weeks. Send pics and videos. Must be willing to sign contracts. Need id as proof of over 18... females only

Yikes. Anyone else need a shower from reading that?


It should be noted that this was NOT posted to the /r/Utica Reddit, which has 6.2K members and generally posts useful, coherent content. No, this "casting call" was posted to /r/UticaNY, which has a mere 98 members and just 7 posts since 2015.

(Sidebar: a few of those other posts are real gems. I highly recommend "hannaford on mohawk st.")

I'm not disparaging anyone in the sex industry, but surely, there are safer and more lucrative avenues to go down than answering a sketchy post on a subreddit with 98 lizards in it. OnlyFans is an alternative that immediately comes to mind. Hell, you can set your own hours.

Also, what makes this user think they can make any meaningful contributions to the "Big Booty" genre? That genre has been done to death. There are... *ahem*... quite a few videos in those categories on reputable "adult entertainment" sites. It's a saturated market! What chance will you REALLY have getting your art noticed? And you call yourself an AUTEUR?! For shame!

Still, despite its size, /r/UticaNY seems to be pretty helpful community. One user responded to the OP with "Do you need any Hung Italian males?"

People truly do look out for one another in Utica.

Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash
Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash

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