In Westmoreland, mention "the bus" to any local, and they'll usually get the reference.

Tucked in the brush behind Westmoreland Town Park lies a mysterious shell of an old school bus. This rusting, rotting, weathered vehicle, seemingly frozen in time, sits along the left-hand path of the walking trail, not even a quarter mile from the entry point.

This forgotten relic has earned the reputation of "the creepy bus" among locals. Theories about its origins and history prevail, yet no one has been able to uncover the truth -- at least no one that I've talked to.


For years, Westmoreland residents have speculated about where it came from. I found a thread about the bus from 2016 posted by the Westmoreland Historical Society, but the page's moderator openly admitted their lack of knowledge about its history:

I guess because I'm the president of the Westmoreland Historical Society I'm supposed to know these things... but it's just as much a mystery to me. So help me out here, if anyone has any information about the ruins of Westmoreland Central School Bus #2 please post in the comments below. I'm as curious as anyone!

Needless to say, nobody in the comments had a definitive answer. So the mystery of the abandoned bus continues.

The remnants of this bus are on public property, so anyone can walk to see it. But it should be mentioned that entering or exploring the area in and around the bus poses a significant risk and must be strictly avoided at all times.

Take a look at the gallery below for a closer look:

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