Please don't read this and run to the gas station to fill a bunch of 5-gallon containers. Despite what panicking people are doing in the Carolinas, our gas supply is currently safe and this east coast pipeline is expected to be back up and running by the end of the week.

Federal officials believe the cyber attack was made by a Russian rebel group that probably isn't associated with the government, but, is probably protected by Putin and the Russian government. The attack which has shut down a main pipeline that feeds gas to the northeast, is expected to drive up gas prices and limit quantity in some parts of the country going forward.

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North Carolina is already seeing "out of gas" signs on gas pumps throughout the state.  Officials there say it's not because of the pipeline, but instead is all about the fact that people are panicking and attempting to stockpile gasoline. Officials say the result is similar to what happened when toilet paper became scarce in the spring of last year.

Gas prices in tune area are already inching upward, with the cost of a regular gallon of gas at $3.04 per gallon in the region. The increase in the cost of gasoline normally does happen in the summer months, but this year it's happening much earlier because of the cyber attack.

Experts say it's a good idea not to hoard gasoline and trust that the local gas stations will not run. out of fuel. It's also recommended that people keep their gas tanks filled up on a regular basis, in the event that there is short-term shortage.

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