It's no secret humans love their pets, but very seldom does an animal achieve the kind of notoriety that warrants a memorial that strangers would want to visit.

Hartsdale Pet Cemetery Holds War Dog Memorial Ceremony
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A few come to mind... Terry, the dog who played Toto, was buried in Hollywood where she was trained by famous movie dog trainer Carl Spitz. The Dolphin Research Center in Marathon, Florida has the remains of Flipper, the hardest working dolphin in television.

But New York state also has a few famous grave plots belonging to some famous four-leggers.  So let's take a look below at 5 famous animals buried in New York State:

5 Famous Animals Buried in New York State

Speaking of pet cemeteries, did you know there's a long forgotten, overgrown graveyard to several animals from the first half of the 20th century tucked away in the woods of New Hartford? Take a look:

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