Where do you stand on spicy food? Are you a wimp, or do you like your food to fight back a little?

People tend to know exactly where they stand on this issue. After all, nobody likes to be caught off guard by something excessively spicy... if you're not prepared for it, it can be quite jarring. Other people like to push the limits with what they can handle.


Once upon a time, I could hang with the best of them in the spice department. I was not afraid to mix it up with ghost peppers, ultra hot wings, or ask for a "5" at Thai restaurants.

Unfortunately -- or perhaps fortunately, if you ask my insides -- my tolerance for spice has diminished with age. I still like it hot, but I can no longer stomach anything "novelty" hot. When you sacrifice flavor for full-on pain, you can go ahead and count me out. My fighting days are over.

There have been studies done on people who like spicy foods and what that reveals about them. This one says, for example, that "Spicy food eaters are more likely to enjoy trying new things (76%), consider themselves attractive (62%), and are more content with their lives (66%) than those with milder heat preferences."


Now, I don't know about all that. But I was curious about restaurants in Upstate New York where you can get it hot. Someone on Reddit asked that very same question, and I decided to build a gallery based on their responses.

So let's take a look below at some Upstate New York restaurants not afraid to bring the heat:

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