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  • Rock Block Weekends

    Every weekend in Rocktober, 96-9 WOUR features Rock Block Weekends. 3-in-a-row from all the classic rock artists. We’re rocking the blocks all month!

  • Gomez & Lisa Live from MetLife Today

    Gomez and Lisa are at MetLife Stadium for the S.U.-Notre Dame game today. They will be broadcasting from tailgating at the Pepsi entrance to the stadium beginning at 9AM. On the Road brought you by Burdick Toyota, Burdick BMW, Burdick Lexus, Burdick Ford and by Planet Fitness.

  • The Blue Moon Cafe Sunday mornings and every day

    Go acoustic on Sunday mornings with the Blue Moon Cafe! A showcase of singer-songwriters that is a comfortable listen from 7 a.m. to Noon! All music and a perfect soundtrack for pancake breakfasts or chilling on the couch. Tune out the chatter..tune in the acoustic vibe! And now available On Demand for listening when ever you want… thanks to Burdick Toyota-Scion(see Blue Moon On Demand section below).

  • What’s Brewing With Scoop

    Scoop features highlights from our local music and events calendar weeknights at 6:40. There are lots of things to do in and around Utica…Rome…the Adirondacks..Cooperstown. If you are in a local band or are hosting a local event, email the info to us, localmusic@wour.com so we can include your gigs.

  • Rock Block Weekends

  • Gomez & Lisa Live from MetLife Today

  • The Blue Moon Cafe Sunday mornings and every day

  • Local Music Listings

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Scoop’s Vinyl Oddities, Van Halen’s ‘Why Can’t This Be Love’ Picture Vinyl

This one is pretty unique with its odd shape and the fact that it comes with it’s own plinth for you to use when displaying it. My copy here is a little beat up, but it was one of those records I just had to have after seeing it. It’s not very rare or valuable, but it’s a cool conversation piece.

IMG_9723 IMG_9724

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