A new Zogby poll is showing Cuomo remaining strong in terms of job approval, but the nursing home issue has at least half of the state ready for change.

Nearly 50-percent of New Yorkers are ready for a new governor, according to Zogby, even though 55-percent say he's doing a good job," said Zogby.

"Nearly half (47%) of voters said it was time for someone new, compared to 41% who said Cuomo deserves re-election and 12% who were not sure.

The poll was taken after the New York Attorney General nursing home controversy broke, but, before the latest controversy revealed in the last week over numbers being withheld despite requests by the federal government and state legislature last year.

Which candidate would make the best showing in a head-to-head match up against Cuomo in 2022?

"The hypothetical candidate who polled the best against Governor Cuomo was Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY 22)," according to Zogby's summary.  "In a hypothetical match-up, Cuomo received 49% of the vote compared to 37% who supported Stefanik, while 14% were not sure." Zogby said while Cuomo would win easily, it still shows a vulnerability to Stefanik, especially upstate.

When asked if people felt there should be a term limit placed on the position of governor in

Bill Pugliano, Getty Images
John Zogby of Zogby Strategies. (Photo by Bill Pugliano, Getty Images)

New York, most people were in favor. 74-percent were either strongly or somewhat in favor of limited the number of terms a governor could serve.

"Cuomo is still very popular, but he is not the same media darling or "Father knows best" character on television anymore," said Zogby "While his job performance and favorability are good, New Yorkers are ready for someone new! 47% of surveyed voters say it's time for someone new compared with only 41% who say Cuomo should be re-elected."

Governor Cuomo was first elected to a four-year term for Governor in 2010. If he runs in 2022, he would be vying for his fourth consecutive term.


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