Every year, Wreaths Across America goes to national military cemeteries and lays wreaths at each of the gravesites of those veterans who have passed. This year, they need your help.

Last year, I took part in something that quickly became my yearly tradition, volunteering for Wreaths Across America. If you haven't heard about the amazing things this organization does, you can read about my first-hand experience.

Each year, volunteers place wreaths at the gravesites of veterans all across the country on the same day, at the same time. “They say every veteran dies twice – Once when they take their last breath, and again when their name is mentioned for the last time,” with each placement, they make sure there never is a last time their name is mentioned and each wreath layer says the name of the soldier, their rank, and their branch out loud and thanks them for their service to this country. It's honestly one of the most beautiful ceremonies I've ever had the honor to witness.

This year, Wreaths Across America will be placing wreaths on Saturday, December 14th at noon (I'm heartbroken I won't be able to do it this year). Before the end of this month, Wreaths Across America needs donations to fund the various wreaths. They have set up a website with a particular code for Saratoga National Cemetery, PGRNY.ORG. Use the code: NY0057 and the location : NYNSGS.

Each wreath is $15 and the number of veterans continues to grow. According to CBS 6, in the past two years they have "covered every veteran’s grave at Saratoga National Cemetery – 11,000 graves in 2017, and 12,000 graves in 2018."

If you're looking to volunteer, you can register through the Saratoga National website but I'm sure if you just show up, they won't turn you away. Just be sure to get there with plenty of time, the event has a large turnout which leads to traffic on the singular road into the cemetery.

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