Once you've spent a year in Central New York, you understand how weird the weather can truly get. It always seems like winter lasts way too long and leaves no time for the rest of the seasons.

A Central New York woman took to TikTok to expose this weird phenomenon, and it's way too accurate.

Not only does it seem like winter lasts eight months in Central New York, but the weather also likes to jump around... a lot. At one point or another in your life, you've probably experienced all the seasons in one day and gone about your business, saying, "only in Central New York!" In fact, if you search #onlyincentralnewyork on Instagram, you'll come across a number of weather-related posts that provide case-and-point evidence that Central New York's weather is wacky.

In December of 2018, one user posted this photo of snow in Herkimer, asking "Wait- wasn't it 61 degrees yesterday?"

Another woman shared a meme conveying the same Central New York struggle in March of the same year, when the region went from nice, spring weather to "a frozen tundra of darkness."

Do you have any photos or stories of your own about the whirlwind of emotions that is Central New York weather? Let us know in the comments, and get ready to bundle up because before we know it, we'll be five months into a long winter ahead.

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