The Weather Channel and the Climate Prediction Center are both predicting a very hot summer for the Northeast. What does that mean for Central New York?

New York Upstate reports that both long-term forecasts issued say that CNY will likely have a warmer-than-normal summer. They had this same prediction last summer, and it was true.

“Summer temperatures will be hotter than average on both U.S. coasts and cooler in the central part of the country,” the Weather Channel said.

Both forecasts looked at the overall pattern of June, July and August. Those months can be warmer than normal as a whole, but still have cool periods or even a cool month. Both weather agencies feel that a weak El Nino is driving the summer weather.

The climate center said El Nino has a 65 percent chance of sticking around through the summer. El Nino is an abnormal warming of the eastern Pacific Ocean along the equator, and it can influence weather patterns for all of North America.

So if these forecasts are true, let's enjoy together!


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