Why are we paying for air? And we're paying a lot! Shouldn't air be free?

When was the last time you stopped at a gas station or tire place to fill up your flat? If it's been a while, brace yourself for sticker shock. The good old days of free air are long gone.

We were on a long road trip when the driver's side front tire started to get a little low. Sure, we could have used all of the hot air we're both filled with. Instead, we stopped at two different New York gas stations to fill up the soft tire. The first time it cost us $1.50. The second time it was $2.00 - FOR AIR!

Gas prices going up. Now, that I understand. I don't like it, but I understand it. Being charged for air. That's just asinine. Air is free. So why are we paying an arm and a leg for it just to put it in our tires? Unlike the gas prices, they don't sometimes go down either.

Only drivers in California and Connecticut don't have to pay for air. It's a law that gas stations must provide free air. Why can't we have that law in New York?

Although most places are charging for air, there are a few spots around Central New York where you can fill up for free. It'll help with gas mileage and increase the life span of your tires.

Here are some spots in Utica/Rome offering free air. If you need help finding out how free air to put in when you arrive, just look for the sticker on the inside of the driver's door. It'll show the recommended pressure readings. It's also stamped right on the tire if you can read it. It's hard to see.

You can also find free air in your area at freeairpump.com.

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